An Ode to the Cover Song

There’s nothing quite like a good cover song. They’re as familiar as an old friend, yet they keep us on our toes with their unexpected twists and turns. Great cover tracks help us to re-hear our favourites, whilst opening our ears to a world of unheralded harmonies and heavenly melodic decoration. They spark conversations, fuel heated debates and bring music lovers together.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Radio 1’s Live Lounge CD’s, the excitement of bagging the latest release from Woolworths was truly unrivalled. Almost 20 years on (ouch!) I find myself experiencing the same anticipation as I wait to find out who’ll be stepping into the Live Lounge next or appearing on Spotify’s next studio release.

Throughout lockdown, I’ve had lots of time to discover some incredible new artists, which has been brilliant! I’ve also come across a whole host of fresh new takes on some epic tracks that are too good not to share. So today, I’m here to bring some joy to your ears with some brilliant covers to inspire your WFH listening – enjoy!


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