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Alice Bentley – Perfect Stranger

Following on from her infectious and highly-loopable release ‘Come Up’ earlier this year, Bentley is back with her equally exciting follow-up track ‘Perfect Stranger’. The track features serious crying on the dancefloor lyrics which are enveloped in big, punchy feel-good melodies. It is a heavenly, synth-pop treat. Much like her previous release ‘Come Up‘, the track’s incredible production really shines through, bringing a chart-worthy quality to the hit. Bentley has yet again, knocked it out of the park with ‘Perfect Stranger‘, leaving listeners waiting in anticipation for an EP. 

Leif Coffield – Monsta-San

Next up, Scottish singer and producer Leif Coffield with his exciting release – ‘Monsta-San‘.  Much like tracks from Scotland’s acclaimed Young Fathers, ‘Monsta-San‘ impressively seems to defy genres. It’s hauntingly dark yet packs a funky, alt-pop punch. It is a track that instantly takes listeners aback with its deep dark drum beats, catchy hooks, and tribal-like vocal overlays. Featuring evident influences of modern greats such as Billie Eilish, the track is an exciting addition to Leif’s current portfolio which solidifies his one to watch status. 

WEB – Haze

Following the band’s incredible set at last year’s Tenement Trail festival, Web have effortlessly created a real buzz amongst Scotland’s music scene and today, their much-anticipated track ‘Haze‘ is here! Written by Kieran Webster of The View, the track possesses a classic, 60’s garage punk feel, whilst bringing something completely fresh to the table. Featuring Webster’s distinctive vocals, which really lend themselves to the vintage aesthetic, the release fuses the grit of rock cult classics with the edge of modern guitar music. The track is also accompanied by a funky B-side remix à la fellow Scots BETA WAVES, which is an absolute treat. Overall, a killer debut release from the band and an exciting taste of what is to come.

Maggie Miles – Swim

Last but not least, we have Nashville based alt-pop singer Maggie Miles with her empowering release – ‘Swim‘. Packed with raw, powerful vocals and dark soaring melodies, the track is a must-listen. ‘Swim’ explores the process of navigating through darker times, treading water as you go.  Miles states “We all question ourselves at times. You can’t tell if you are barely above the waves. And acknowledging the darkness that can make itself at home in the space behind your eyes is key to pushing on. This song helped me understand myself better, and I hope for your sake as the listener, it can do the same.” Fans of the likes of Banks and Lykke Li are in for a real treat with this gothic alt-pop number. 


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