Tenement Trail Highlights 2019

Tenement Trail is a festival I return to year after year. For me, it  perfectly encapsulates everything that the Glasgow music scene is about – insane bands, amazing venues and cool people coming together, sharing their love for good tunes. It is the best place to catch your favourite bands – before they become your favourite bands, and becomes a day to look back on and say “I saw them at Tenement Trail”. With this in mind I have written up this “highlights” post, sharing my favourite acts from Tenement Trail 2019 – and the ones who got away!  

Paris Street Rebels 

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the festival than with a set from The Paris Street Rebel boys  playing in BAad, which turned out to be a pretty insane venue space! If you follow my Instagram account, you will know that PSR are a band I regularly bang on about and with very good reason. Influenced by greats such as the Clash, The Ramones and The Cribs, the boys offer a healthy dose of anarchic, high octane punk, which lets face it, we could all do with in our current political climate. I absolutely loved their opening set which left me longing for more / browsing their Facebook page for upcoming tour dates. If you haven’t checked them out already you need them in your life, their latest release “Nightcrawler” is a must listen. 

Catholic Action 

For me, it was a tough toss up between Vlure and Catholic Action on the day – but any mention of a secret set always gets my vote. Playing in the basement of Creative East End – an excellent venue might I add, the boys packed out the room. Performing a mix of old favourites form L.U.V to Doing Well – as well as a handful of unreleased numbers, the band affirmed that they were back and better than ever. It was the first time I had heard their live sound, however, after their electric 30 min set, it certainly won’t be  the last. I cannot wait to hear more from their upcoming album which I believe will be released early 2020.   

P.s Vlure’s set also looked incredible – I am very much looking forward to catching them in Glasgow asap! 


Ahead of their Scottish support slots with She Drew the Gun, Freakwave stopped by Tenement Trail to play an unforgettable set at one of my favourite venues of the day – Van Winkle. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard that much of the bands material prior to their slot, however upon first strum, I knew that they would quickly become my new obsession. 
Packing out the venue, the band owned the room with their incredible live sound and mesmerising stage presence. I just couldn’t look away. Watching them perform in such an intimate venue was definitely one of my highlights of TT19!  If you would like to check out some incredible photos from their live set – they can be found here.

The Mysterines… 

And the most exciting discovery of Tenement Trail 2019 goes to The Mysterines! The band’s set in Van Winkle was everything I look for in a live show. The atmosphere? Electric. Their stage presence? Captivating. This, paired with their fierce, rapid psych rock sound and lead singer Lia’s mesmerising vocals made for an absolute dream of a set.  It’s safe to say their tracks have had me (internally) head banging along upon every listen since and I can’t wait to catch them again in the near future. . Dear Mysterines, please come back to Glasgow soon!

The Dunts 

As a huge fan of the band, I was over the moon when they were added to the bill as Dream Wife’s replacement. Since their unforgettable TRNSMT set, I had been dying to catch them perform again – and what better place to do so than in The Barrowlands?

The Dunts are a band who seem to have been making major waves in the Glasgow scene over the past few years – and quite rightly so.  Their live shows are some of the best I’ve seen, in fact, they remind me of why I love Glasgow crowds so much. They’re f*cking wild. 

Stepping into the ballroom, it was amazing to see the crowd that had gathered – and to be honest, I expected nothing less. As the band played through a lineup of their coveted no nonsense “council punk” hits from “Bad Decisions” to “Birdz and the Beez” – their cult fanbase moshed away. With heads banging and beer flying, they sang along to every word. I have to say,  their cover of Outcast’s “Hey Ya” was definitely one of my favourite moments of the day for me (please release soon). After this amazing set, their December tour date cannot come quick enough! 

Web Music 

Having been a lifelong fan of The View, I had been buzzing to catch Kieran’s new project – WEB. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one, as the venue was queued right out the door. This was only a (very good) sign of what was to come.

Playing through some of their eagerly anticipated, unreleased tracks, the band had the crowd in their hands – me included. Their sound possessed a captivating darkness that had me hooked from start to finish. I loved hearing Kieran’s songwriting shine through – and you can bet I’ll be first in line to snap up their tracks as soon as they become available.

 Obviously, I couldn’t wrap up this segment without saying how much I loved the addition of “Shock Horror” to the set. Whilst I respect that some artists like to completely differentiate their new projects from old by omitting past tracks from their setlists, I loved that they finished with this crowd-pleaser for all the OG fans out there (me). 


It will come as no Surprise that we finished our day with a de-lightful set from Fatherson in none other than The Barras! I mean, what better way to close a smasher of a festival!

Playing a selection of their best hits, the band had the crowd singing along with every word – diehards and first timers alike. It was magical. One of my favourite things about seeing Fatherson perform live – especially in Glasgow, is the sense of gratitude and pure joy which radiates from them as they perform. You can really feel the love between the band – and as a fan, it is amazing to see that they’re genuinely having the time of their lives whilst playing your favourite tunes. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing set to close Tenement Trail 2019. Here’s to Tenement Trail 2020. 


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