Best of Summer 2019 – Live! Part 1. (AD)

As summer draws to a close (sigh), today, I thought it would be a nice idea to look back at some of my favourite gigs and festival sets of Summer 2019. Over the past few months here in Glasgow, between Summer Sessions, TRNSMT, King Tuts Summer Nights and regular scheduled gigs, we have been spoiled when it comes to live music. Therefore, this post will no doubt be part one of many “Best of” posts! So without further adieu, why not have a read of part one of the series!

Fatherson – o2 Glasgow

First up – Fatherson at o2 Glasgow. Fatherson will always be one of my favourite live bands, since first catching them at Belladrum Festival in 2014, I have fallen for their sound which I believe, has evolved perfectly from album to album . Earlier this summer, I managed to catch their gig at o2 Glasgow – their biggest venue to date and was yet again blown away by their live sound and overall presence.

Each time I catch the band, I feel like there is a real homely atmosphere in the room, maybe it’s a Glasgow thing.  However, from a fan’s perspective, it is so great to watch their pride shine through and see them genuinely having the best time doing what they love. Even in 2019, with so many acts on the rise and more gigs than ever before, I rarely miss a Fatherson show and I cannot wait to watch them headline this year’s Tenement Trail in October!

Catfish and the Bottlemen at the Cosmo – Vegas

Whenever, I’m in a different country, I love checking out new venues and catching some of my favourites on tour. Therefore, when Catfish announced that they would be playing OBC whilst we were in Vegas, it was a no brainer. It was almost like the universe was trying to bring Van Mcann and I together… Having taken a touring break whilst writing their new material, this would be one of the first times the band had played their new releases – which made the gig even more special.

Kicking things off with the suspense packed bassline of their latest single “Longshot” , the crowd (myself included) went mad. Continuing on with a lineup of their greatest hits including Soundcheck, Pacifier, Twice and Tyrants, the gig turned out to be one of my favourite shows of theirs. This setlist was later  extended for TRNSMT 2019 – which I was obviously over the moon about. 

TRNSMT 2019 

Gerry Cinnamon.

I will always be such a huge fan of Gerry and his music. He is another act that am forever keen to see whenever he plays here in Glasgow. To achieve what he has over the past few years by going is own way is nothing short of incredible and he is a musician I’ll always have endless respect for. Having watched his impromptu main stage slot on TV last year, and witnissing the sea of fans singing along to his hits, I couldn’t wait to be there in person at this years festival.

What can I say? He definitely didn’t disappoint. Commencing with his track “Lullaby” – the ultimate Gerry Singalong track, he repeated that oh so famous into rif over and over until breaking into the first verse as the crowd went wild. Continuing on “Sometimes, “Kampfire Vampire” (my personal favourite and finishing off with “Disco Land” (of course) his set was just perfect. I couldn’t think of a better act to kick off our amazing weekend of music on the Green.

Sam Fender – TRNSMT FEST

It’s not often that there’s a festival day where I’m literally racing from stage to stage. But TRNSMT Saturday was just that for me, and the first act of the day? Sam Fender! How it has taken me this long to fall for Sam’s goosebump inducing vocals and politically charged lyrics I’ll never know. This was the first time I had watched Sam perform live – however, it certainly won’t be the last. Juxtaposing infectious hooks and beautiful melodies with dark, almost chilling lyrics, Sam’s material explores a plethora of societal issues from male suicide to celeb culture in the Western World. His track “Dead Boys” was a personal favourite from his set. 

The Snuts – TRNSMT

After banging on about the band to pretty much anyone who would listen, I couldn’t wait to finally catch them live – and what better place to do it than under the sun , on the main stage in Glasgow Green. I might be (I definitely am) biased but their set was hands down my favourite of the entire weekend. Over the past few years, the band have gone from strength to strength, garnering a cult following along the way and it was so great to see such a huge turnout for their first mainstage performance at TRNSMT. Kicking things off with their track – “The Matador” and ending with “Sing for your Supper” the boys killed it, their sound was tight and the atmosphere was electric. If they happen to be playing your city on their upcoming September tour – don’t miss out!

Fontaines D.C – TRNSMT

Upon first hearing Fontaines DC’s sound, I just knew that they were a band I had to catch live – asap! Their online bio’s say that they are “Encouraging each other to be who they believe themselves  to be all the time”, and this is extremely prevalent when it comes to their sound. It is truly unique, and honestly took me back a little upon first listen. It’s raw and electrifying- with hints of some of the greats such as The Clash and Joy Division. Its Punk, yet almost its own unique genre at the same time. All of the aforementioned qualities where well and truly present during their live set at The King Tuts stage. 

The Dunt’s – TRNSMT

Along the same Punk- vein, we also managed to catch one of my favourite Glasgow bands right now- The Dunts. They seem to be the talk of the town at the moment and quite rightly so. Admittedly, I watched from the side as we were half way through lunch when the band commenced their set  – (how rock n’ roll eh?). However, their sound was incredible – and only seemed to get better with each track. It was clear to see that the crowd felt the same way too – they were on fire, and loving every moment. I am currently counting down the days until their hometown gig in December!

Sundara Karma – TRNSMT

After missing out on their Barrowlands show earlier this year, they were another band that remained firmly on my gig bucket list for 2019. Over the past few months I have been hooked on their Arcade Fire-eque sound and Bowie inspired vocals, courtesy of lead singer Pollock. I mean, what’s not to love? Again, their set was another hit from me. It was great to see the full band in action, especially Pollock with his theatrical front man antics. I would one hundred percent recommend catching them at a venue near you! I can only imagine how much more amazing their live sound and theatrics would be in an enclosed venue.  

The Mystery Jets – TRNSMT

Serving up a bucket-load of teen nostalgia, and coveted indie anthems – The Mystery Jets absolutely smashed their set at the King Tuts Stage. Having listened to – and adored the band all throughout my teenage years, I was curious to see how they would perform after a few years off the gig circuit. However, their set turned out to be the act that surprised me the most – in all the best ways. Effortlessly firing through some of my favourites from Serotonin to Two Doors Down, it was clear from their set that The Mystery Jets are back – and better than ever. I have also recently found out that the band will be releasing a brand new album on the 27th of September, and as you can imagine – I am buzzing to hear how their sound has evolved. 


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