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My Glastonbury Experience

Glastonbury Photo Diary 2017
So, last weekend I made my way to Worthy Farm to tick off my top bucket list festival – Glastonbury. As you may have read in my most recent post, I am a huge music lover and have dreamed of attending this legendary event for years. From a young age I have watched the highlights on T.V, read all the music press headlines and felt the fomo (big time) as festival goers shared their snaps online. However, this year, my amazing friend Lottie and I headed through the Worthy Farm Gates (avec our giant backpacks) to experience one of the most iconic music festivals in the world. Here’s what we got up to! 

The First Impression
From the moment we entered the gates, the festival already felt different to any other I had ever attended. With no long queues, no campsite confusion and just a short 15 minute walk to our perfect camping spot, our arrival was just a dream. This smooth start was down to the super friendly, helpful and all round awesome stewards who were more than happy to help us along our way.

After pitching up our little home for the weekend, we decided to dive right in and do some exploring. First up, we headed to the Glastonbury hills to take a snap with the festival’s famous sign. From the top of the hill we sat in awe, and took in the most beautiful birds eye view of the festival grounds whilst enjoying the Somerset sun.

As a first time attendee, I was totally taken back by the sheer size of the Glastonbury grounds and the thousands of festival goers wandering around it. From this very point, our entire weekend seemed to pass by seamlessly, the sun continued to shine, the general vibe was great and we managed to see all the bands on our list. This was definitely my most positive festival experience – which was only made better by epic company!  

The Music
Over the course of the weekend, we managed to catch an impressive lineup of bands. Here’s a quick rundown of my favourites:

Liam Gallagher – As a 90’s kid, Britpop tracks were the soundtrack of my upbringing. Although Liam isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I personally love his voice and songwriting style. Therefore, watching him live had been on my musical bucket list for quite some time. And well, he did not disappoint. His set, filled with a mix of classic Oasis gems and fresh new tracks from his new solo venture was just perfection.
Lorde – Until this year I hadn’t really hadn’t listened to all that much of this Kiwi pop queen’s material. However her latest single “Green Light” totally had me at first listen. Her live performance only solidified new found love for my love the pop princess and I cannot wait to get stuck into her latest album!

Maggie Rogers and Declan McKenna – For weeks I had rambled on to friends about how excited I was to see both Declan McKenna and Maggie Rogers. I have so much love for them individually and believe that they are two of the most hardworking and inspiring musicians in the industry at the moment. Both of their sets were absolutely golden.
Slaves – Over the last year or so I feel like I’ve become Slaves number one fan. Their tracks never fail to fill me with all the daily motivation I need. Although I watched them perform from a distance, far, far away from the scary punk mosh pits, I loved every minute of their set and can’t wait to see them again soon!

The XX – As expected their headline slot was just magical. Playing a cracker set of sultry, electronic dream beats,  their performance only made me fall deeper in love with them (if that’s possible).  It was also pretty cool to hear that Romy was the highest billed female artist on Glasto’s 2017 lineup – way to go Romy!
Other awesome acts included – The Amazons, Blossoms, Hacienda Classical, Alt J, Biffy Clyro, Haim, Ed Sheeran and Chic.

The (Lack of) Photography.
Being a blogger and having  a general love for photography, I often feel that I want to photograph everything, all of the time, and with all of the awesome art pieces and scenery sprinkled around the festival grounds why wouldn’t I? I had even contemplated vlogging the event, to document my time there. However, I really feel that leaving my camera at home was for the best on this occasion. Although I did take a few snaps with my phone, I feel that I was able to live in the moment and really take in everything the festival had to offer. So, apologies in advance for the not so fab quality of these photos!

The Food.
As a major foodie, I was totally taken back by the awesome array of food stalls that the festival had to offer. Lets just say it more there was more than just dirty burgers cheesy chips (although those were easily accessible too). From authentic `Indian curries and pakoras to tasty tacos and Sunday roasts, there really was something for everyone. The festival also offered an awesome selection of veggie and vegan options which was fantastic!
 As you can see from my snaps, most of the dishes were so good that we forgot to take photographic evidence. But, all hope is not lost. I do have one snap of my first ever crumpet from “Strumpets with Crumpets” – an award winning vendor and firm favourite amongst Glasto regulars. 

The Nightlife
Whilst the live music in the main arena stopped around midnight, the night was still young at worthy farm. Once the night’s headliners had played their last note, most people headed to Glasto’s South East Corner – the festival’s nightlife district. Within this area, there were multiple party spots – each with their own individual themes. E.g the “Unfairground” was filled with dystopian clowns, abandoned circus attractions and creepy dolls heads. Whereas, “Block 9” embraced an industrial theme, featuring derelict housing blocks piles of clothing waste and empty shipping containers. Again, whilst walking through these areas, my mind was totally blown by the attention to detail that seemed to go into each square foot of the grounds.

The Ethics
Traditionally, at major UK festivals, commercial advertising seems to be here there and everywhere. Whether it’s in the form of ads playing in between sets, or of posters plastered to the walls and fences of the festival grounds. However, this is where Glastonbury differs in all the best ways. In between bands, the monitors showed videos promoting aid for global causes such as climate change, poverty and more.
Within the campsites, there were donation caravans set up to collect leftover tents and sleeping bags for refugees. On the fences of the festival lay thought provoking posters and messages regarding major social, cultural and economic issues faced by our generation.

In addition to all of this, there was an entire area dedicated to Greenpeace where people could learn about their what they do and show support for their work. Throughout my time at the festival, I also noticed little things here and there like the presence of recycling bins, compost toilets and the use of biodegradable cups and plates. I really admire Glastonbury’s drive to make the world a better place by promoting change.

All in all, my first Glastonbury experience was everything I could have asked for and more. Throughout the weekend, we watched some of the most amazing bands whilst soaking in the Somerset sunshine. My friend and I covered our faces in glitter and danced to cheesy hits in the silent disco tent. We ate our way around the world at the festivals fab food stalls and explored its hidden (and not so hidden attractions). And last but not least, we lived in a funky floral tent and were woken every morning at 9am sharp by the “Milky Milky” milk van. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Glastonbury, I love ya and I’ll see you again in soon. 

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