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Barcelona Wanderlust List

This week my sister and I are flying out to Barcelona for the first time – ahh!  I have heard so many great things about the city and cannot wait to explore it for myself ! As I haven’t stopped thinking / talking about our holiday, today I thought I would share a few places which we are hoping to visit during our stay in the city!


Casa de Tapas Canota

It really wouldn’t be a visit to Barcelona without some kick-ass Tapas. Word on the street internet has it that Casa de Tapas is the place to be. Serving up traditional Spanish cuisine, the restaurant’s seafood themed plates have wowed Yelp-ers from around the globe, it seems that this hidden gem should definitely be on our to do list.




A restaurant that only serves potatoes? Show me the way! From good old french fries to traditional Patatas Bravas, Crum proudly serves up potato filled plates all day everyday and personally I couldn’t be more excited too visit!

The Juice House

It’s all about that balanced diet right? The Juice House offers a variety of healthy brunch plates and fresh juices.  This hidden hotspot also recently received the seal of approval from clean eating goddesses – the Hemsley sisters, so it must be the real deal, right?

Satan’s Coffee Corner

Anyone who knows me knows that travel planning would not be complete without picking out some quirky coffee spots. From reading reviews and insta-stalking I stumbled across Satans Coffee Corner, and what can I say – it’s right up my street. As well as impressive coffee art, it also offers a promising breakfast options including smoothie bowls and fresh pastries. I’m so there.


There are so many eateries and Instagram worthy coffee shops which I have been eyeing up but I really could go on all day. I can’t wait to write all about them upon returning home !


Bharma Bar.

As a huge fan of the T.V series “Lost” I just about lost my sh*t when I spotted that Barcelona has it’s own Lost themed bar. Equipped with an “oceanic” model plane, jungle themed interior and even their very own Dharma beer, it is definitely on the list!


Manchester (Yep, another themed bar)

Calling all Madchester music fans, this is the place for you! With its Hacienda inspired interior and themed cocktails named after Manchester’s hottest musicians and bands, it looks like a dream. We will definitely be dropping by for a “Morrissey” or two.


Hailed as “one of the coolest bars in Barcelona” by, 33/45 looks pretty damn cool! Based in the centre of Raval, the bar is said to offer great cocktails and drinks at purse friendly prices as well as live music throughout the week. Its a yes from me.




La Boqueria Market

One of Barcelona’s most famous markets. Filled with everything from fresh fruit stalls to fab eateries it seems like there’s something for everyone at La Boqueria. As a huge fan of food markets in general I cannot wait to try out all of the nibbles and delicacies that la Boqueria has to offer!



Park Guell

From reading various Barcelona guides, it became apparent that Park Guell should also be up there on our “must see” list. Upon Googling some images and reading more about the attraction I began to see why. Its mosaics and architecture are absolutely stunning – I cannot wait to take some snaps here!



La Sagrada Familia

Usually I’m not one to visit the typical tourist hotspots (yep, I’m a self confessed hipster), however I feel like my first time visiting the city wouldn’t be complete without a trip to La Sagrada Familia.



Have you visited Barcelona? Do you have any recommendations for us?

Lindsey Lou x


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